About our weimaraner kennel

In September 2010 we brought home little blue-eyed grey girl of weimaraner and we nicknamed her Frida. And so it began our story of unexpected experiences. We brought Frida from kennel Shefis (breeder Veronika PifkovŠ) as a pet for our family, buddy for sport activities, bicycle and walks. I didn't expect at all what more would we experience. First we went to a show, than second and third... We began to take a part at hunters training weekends, where I saw what makes weimaraner happy and why is the breed so outstanding. Their joy in field, devotion, hardworking, love, elegance, intelligence, dependence, temperament and stubborness - those are the basic characteristics of weimaraner and I am delighted the breed is mine as well. Due to Frida I met a lot of wonderful people, who share the same interest and joy. After passing hunting tests, we are regular participants at hunts in our area. I am happy Frida is used for the purpose she was geneticaly predestined.

Affix Dreiborn Rock was registered in 2015 without long hesitation. It is a place in Teplicko-adröpach mountains, where we have a cottage. It is a peaceful place surrounded by rocks, fiels, woods with fresh air and nice people. We love spedning our free time there and we are happy there.


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